Much more than a simple manure.

Terrafumur® is made from two sources of organic matter, an animal source and a plant source: grape pomace. This composition offers gardeners and professional growers the double benefit of immediate fertilisation—thanks to the animal manure—and long-term fertilisation, thanks to the grape pomace.

With its truly remarkable and rarely equalled biological stability index, Biofumur® makes for an excellent soil improver. It has a high humus content and very fine texture, regenerating the soil and making it easier to work.

Furthermore, Terrafumur®, which is available as a powder or in granules, is eligible for use in organic farming !



  • Double fertilisation: immediate and long-term
  • Regenerates the soil and activates soil life
  • Makes the soil easier to work
  • Fine texture and easy to handle


  • Animal and plant-based organic matter
  • Windrow composting
  • Maturation over a period of 6 months and turned 5 times

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